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Melania Trump Bracing For Damaging Tell-All Book Written By Former Close Associate

As if things weren’t bad enough for the White House with the release of a tell-all book written by Donald Trump’s niece, it turns out that First Lady Melania Trump is also going to be the subject of a potentially embarrassing book that will also be coming out before the election.

According to The Daily Beast, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a longtime friend and confidant of the first lady, has written a book that will dish some major dirt on Melania:

“People with knowledge of the project say the content of the book is largely negative and that the manuscript heavily trashes the first lady.”

Winston Wolkoff was essential in planning the 2016 Trump inaugural, which later led to suggestions that Melania may have steered large sums of money in her friend’s direction:

“However, shortly after the start of the Trump era, the noted New York socialite had a dramatic falling-out with Melania Trump, triggered by news that Wolkoff’s own firm snagged a cool $26 million from the Trump inaugural committee to help plan the events.

“’Was I fired? No,’ Wolkoff told The New York Times last year. ‘Did I personally receive $26 million or $1.6 million? No. Was I thrown under the bus? Yes.'”

Sounds like Winston Wolcott might have some residual anger, which is likely to be on full display when the book is released on September 1. The date is tentative because the administration may well try to keep it from being published, much the way the president and his brother did with the book written by his niece. That book will now be released on July 14 — two weeks earlier than originally planned — after a judge ruled there was no valid reason for it to be delayed.

Shortly after Melania severed ties with Winston Wolcott, the first lady sent her an email which read:

“I am sorry that the professional part of our relationship has come to an end, but I am comforted in the fact that our [friendship] far outweigh[s] politics. Thank you Again! Much love.”

And the book isn’t the only payback Winston Wolcott may manage to get on Donald and Melania. She has also allegedly cooperated with federal prosecutors in Manhattan and may well have shared her experiences with Tish James, the Attorney General of New York.

The next couple of months should be fascinating, and not just because there’s a presidential race in progress. The books (former Trump attorney Michael Cohen also has one that will be released before November) could well wind up playing a role in sinking the already faltering reelection campaign the president is running.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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The fact that trumps wife was photographed with the resident of WH with his pal pedophile Jeff is all that is required for any women to be among those kind she is now labelled for life for She enjoyed the lusty faces of the uglies so no amount of dirt on this already dirty linen dressed could change her character we all imagine what must go on in her lifestyle of sleaze No need for a book on her role model as a 1st lady ha ha bring back Michelle. Please hurry don’t mind waiting but please hurry up….. With that bull dozer.

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