Megyn Kelly GOES OFF On Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson For Birther Claims (VIDEO)

The topic of a segment on Kelly’s show was why Donald Trump refuses to admit he was wrong when he accused President Obama of not being born in the United States, even though Obama’s birth certificate clearly states he was born in Hawaii. Kelly asked Pierson:

“Why, for the love of God, won’t he just say that Barack Obama was born in the United States?”

Pierson’s reply was, as you’d expect, ridiculous and non-responsive:

“Here we are, 15 months later, and still there are many in the media that expect Donald Trump to be some robotic politician and that’s just not who he is. He was asked to respond to Colin Powell’s comments, and he did. He’s not gonna let the media determine what he talks about and when, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing here. Mr. Trump is gonna be Mr. Trump. He will respond when he feels like it.”

Once more, Kelly tried her best to get an actual answer out of Pierson:

“So why wouldn’t he say it when asked tonight?”

Pierson resorted to her talking point once more:

“Simply because he does not talk about that anymore. Barack Obama is not on the ballot. It is completely irrelevant to the election cycle.”

But Kelly wasn’t about to let Pierson get off that easily, informing her:

“Katrina, that’s not gonna fly. Does he believe it or not? You have a lot of people — particularly African-Americans — who feel that that position was a racist position meant to delegitimize the president. I’m taking no position on this; I’m relaying to you what they’ve said. His own campaign manager came out and said he has shifted his belief on this and now when asked directly, he refuses to confirm that.”

And Pierson, good brainless android that she is, later tripled down on her so-called explanation:

“The media’s not gonna force Mr. Trump to say anything he’s not ready to say.”

Finally, Kelly let Pierson have it by shouting at her:

“The media didn’t force him to come out and take a position being a birther, but he did!”

Even if Trump does come forward and finally admit that President Obama is indeed an American citizen, it cannot erase the years of his saying otherwise. You do not undo in two minutes eight years of falsehoods meant to delegitimize the President of the United States.

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By Andrew Bradford

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