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McConnell Says ‘The Russians Are Not Our Friends,’ But Refuses Select Committee On Election Hack

If there a more craven and politically immoral figure in the Republican Party than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, that person must be hiding in the long shadow of utter evil McConnell casts wherever he goes.

Even though McConnell knew about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee by Russian operatives, he strongly refused to agree that the information should be released before the presidential election, yet has the audacity to tell reporters Monday morning:

“Well, let me just speak for myself. The Russians are not our friends. They invaded Crimea. Senator McCain and I and our Democratic friends met with the delegation from the Baltic countries just this past week. To say that they are nervous about the Russians is to put it mildly.”

How about a select committee to investigate the matter, Senator McConnell? Nope. Instead, McConnell says the Senate Intelligence Committee can do the job, remarking:

“Obviously, any foreign breach of our cybersecurity measures is disturbing, and I strongly condemn any such efforts. The Senate Intelligence Committee … is more than capable of conducting a complete review.”

That seems more than a tad strange since McConnell vocally supported the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which dragged on for years and never produced a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Apparently McConnell and his GOP apparatchiks are only interested when such a hearing as aimed at a member of the Democratic Party they fear politically.

Since all of this involves Donald Trump, how exactly does the illegitimate President-elect feel about a Congressional investigation into the hacking? Spokesperson Jason Miller said Monday morning:

“I think really clearly…this is an attempt to try to de-legitimize President-elect Trump’s win.”

Is that right, Jason? You mean kind of like Donald Trump’s attempt to suggest that President Obama wasn’t an American citizen and therefore not a legitimate president? Then I guess you could call this reciprocity. Or even better, call it karma.

McConnell and his ilk have made this election one we can never hope to trust, and that will be reflected in the refusal of millions to accept Trump as POTUS. He’s sure as hell not my president, and he never will be.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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