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Maxine Waters Rips Donald Trump A New One For Acting Like A Dictator

According to Donald Trump, he has the “total authority” as president to say when every state and the U.S. economy reopen, and he’s suggesting that he will be making the decision to risk the lives of millions of Americans very soon. Reports are that he will recommend May 1 as the target date, but there are also suggestions it will happen much sooner.

Why is Trump willing to risk the lives of Americans this way? Because he’s terrified he’s going to lose in November if he doesn’t move fast and try to get the stock market and business world rolling again. In other words, as usual, it’s all about him.

Rep.Maxine Waters (D-CA), however, is calling Trump out for his recklessness and his dictatorial longings.

Waters took to Twitter and posted this reminder to the president:

And that wasn’t all Waters had to say about what Trump has been doing in recent weeks:

There’s also the matter of the egotistical Trump demanding that his signature be on every stimulus check that goes out to taxpayers, significantly delaying payments to those who receive paper checks instead of direct deposit. That one led Rep. Waters to note:

It’s safe to bet that Trump will be melting down big time when he reads those tweets, especially the last one. But then again, Waters is absolutely right: We have a con man in the White House and he’s as bogus as they come.

Thankfully, it’s only 201 days until we get to vote this fraud out of office.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

2 replies on “Maxine Waters Rips Donald Trump A New One For Acting Like A Dictator”

What is desperately sad, if not criminally negligent, is that Republicans elected to protect and defend the People, Constitution and Rule of Law in the Land That God Ran From In Fear have utterly deserted their Duty, abdicated responsibility and abandoned all pretence at morality, humanity and honour!

They collude with and condone any and all acts of criminality and harm that Putin’s SCROTUS inflicts on 350 million people and the Global Community at large.

There seem to be no depths to their treachery and venality in the Swamp they have turned America into!

If the public of USA can- not see through Crown King of Vileness, by now, then there is little hope for getting through too the election. This King Klutz of tinsel head is riding the rockets to hell. There are many heads in that GOP senate that need to roll along with trumps clan, Ask them all to look at the mirror while you are all watching him. (those who believe in Truth) good for you Maxine Love that the truth is not getting past decent honest people unafraid of the demons in power. Bet there is some sweating going on in the financial sector. About time Muckins was removed he is just a sneaky swine for trumpsville and friends. Since Trump has signed the cheque he needs to be accountable for the payment out of his bank…… His pen mark his payment due to the people.

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