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Matt Gaetz Attempts To Boost Donald Trump And Winds Up Humiliating Them Both

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) desperately longs to be Donald Trump’s favorite member of Congress, but there’s so much damn competition for the job. From Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), so very many feeble-minded, ass-kissing GOPers are waiting in line to kneel down and thoroughly brown nose the Traitor-in-Chief.

But despite those odds, Gaetz never passes on an opportunity to be an obsequious, fawning sycophant for the oozing orange barnacle who resides in the White House, and the Floridian once again proved his demented devotion to El Presidente with a posting he made on Twitter, which just so happens to be the president’s favorite social media platform.

No doubt you’ve seen the photos of the St. Louis couple who brandished weapons when Black Lives Matter protesters marched past their house. That image has already spawned a million memes and made the two ammosexual idiots the perfect example of Ken and Karen Kulture. They don’t just want to see the manager; they are the damn manager!

That photo led Gaetz to tweet out this:

This is all of us? It’s damn sure not me. Is it you? If so, seek professional help immediately and drop your weapons off at the nearest police station because clearly you have no idea when it’s appropriate to point a gun at another person.

Fortunately, Charlie Sykes of The Bulwark quickly said what all the rest of us were thinking when he laid eyes on Ken and Karen pushing their Second Amendment rights to the extreme. Sykes expertly dissected Gaetz, Trump, and the all the gun-totin’ wannabe Mad Max’s out there:

“As it turns out this is actually not all of us, unless we are Brooks-Brothers-wearing Kens and Karens, living in a mock Renaissance palazzo mansion in a private gated community and look like utter idiots.”

Exactly. If this was “all of us,” there would be no hope for any of us!

Sykes continues, focusing on Gaetz:

“Gaetz’s peculiar talent is his uncanny ability to reduce MAGA memes to lowest-common-denominator cartoon.”

But the real cancer behind such behavior was spawned in and then metastasized from the sick brain of Donald John Trump, and Sykes makes that clear:

“Like Gaetz, Trump wants to paint a lurid picture of a dystopian future of a Biden-led America: riots, anarchists, caravans, and brown people behaving badly. Only a Trump presidency, he insists, can protect America to from the chaos that will be unleashed by . . . Joe Biden,

“Matt Gaetz just illustrated how hard that will be.”

Gaetz also made it loud and clear that all he and his party have left in the Age of Trump is a series of dog whistles they continue to sound while the vast majority of the American people turn and walk away from them in absolute disgust.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Matt Gaetz Attempts To Boost Donald Trump And Winds Up Humiliating Them Both”

Gaets reminds me of that mushy pickled onion you pull out of the jar. Time for this fool to just leap back in where he thinks he may be able to hide.
The outrage of a pair standing with loaded guns. In our country. They would be arrested and charged as a threat to society. They would definitely lose any guns . They would never again be allowed to own a gun. What on earth make them think they have more rights than anyone else, PS should someone tell them how absolutely ridiculous they both look. Wow glad they are not anywhere in my neighbourhood. We would think we had the mafia gang or Heckle and Jeckle trying to get the attention of the Potato head. Fools

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