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Mathematically-Challenged Trump Says 5-3 Abortion Ruling Could Have Been Blocked If Scalia Had Been Replaced

If there’s one thing you can always count on when Donald Trump steps to a microphone and makes remarks, it’s that he’s gonna brag on himself. Whether he claims to be the smartest person around or the best businessman in the history of capitalism, the guy is gonna try and impress you. And yet, as we learned today, the man cannot even count.

Trump was being interviewed by radio host Mike Gallagher and Gallagher remarked that just this week the Supreme Court had “handed the pro-life movement a disappointing decision”  by striking down a restrictive Texas law had made it much more difficult for women to get an abortion. The decision was handed down by a 5-3 vote, with one seat on the high court still empty because the GOP-controlled Senate will not even hold confirmation hearings for President Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Things would have been much different, Trump told Gallagher, if he’d been President:

“Now if we had Scalia was living or is Scalia was replaced by me, you wouldn’t have had that. Okay? It would have been the opposite.”

Look, I majored in journalism, so I freely admit that math isn’t my strong suit, but even I know that if Scalia had been alive or had been replaced by a justice who was opposed to a woman’s right to choose, the vote could only have been 5-4, in which case the decision would still have been against the Texas law.

Gallagher, almost sensing that Trump was making a fool of himself, then asked this follow-up question:

“So just to confirm. Under a Donald — a President Donald Trump-appointed Supreme Court, you wouldn’t see a majority ruling like the one we had with the Texas abortion law this week.”

Trump’s reply:

“No, you wouldn’t see that. And people understand that.”

This is a man who says he will make “great deals” if he becomes President? Is that right? How about he first give us the solution to this equation or we disqualify him right this minute: 5 + 4 = ? Donald, you have an hour to give us your response, and you are not allowed to use a calculator.

Need proof Trump is a complete and utter moron? Listen to this:

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By Andrew Bradford

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