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MAGA Faithful Launch Horrific Attacks On Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter When She Criticizes Trump

The Republican National Convention which begins Monday is expected to be filled with four days of anger, fear, endless lies, and the deification of Donald Trump, despite the fact that he’s the most deeply flawed man to ever be elected to the highest office in the land.

But even before the GOP hatefest begins, MAGA devotees are lurking online, attacking anyone who dares to say a cross word about their tangerine-tinted savior.

For example, Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has been expressing her thoughts on social media regarding the incumbent head of state, making fun of Donnie with a response to his tweet proclaiming if reelected he will “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Considering that 180,000 people are dead from coronavirus on his watch and 30 million remain unemployed, America is hardly “great” right now, but Trump isn’t bright enough to come up with a new catchphrase.

Here’s Trump’s tweet and Claudia’s retort:

That’s a fair commentary. Matter of fact, Trump himself has criticized the United States for some of its foreign interventions and wars, quite of few which didn’t exactly prove our greatness as much as they did our might and our will to destroy anyone who disagrees with us.

But to the zealots who see Trump as a demigod, Claudia’s comments were totally unacceptable. However, rather than take into consideration that she’s a kid and entitled to her own opinion, they lashed back at her with hate and vitriol, much the way the Bully-in-Chief often does when someone displeases him:

In the Age of Trump, some of these Trump-addicted monsters are perfectly cool with attacking children on social media instead of minding their own business.

Want to see America automatically made great again? Vote to remove the cancer currently growing on this country and residing in the White House. There’s absolutely nothing “great” about him or the members of his cult.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “MAGA Faithful Launch Horrific Attacks On Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter When She Criticizes Trump”

Those ugly MAGA trump followers of chaos seem to think it is because of Them USA is so great??Quickly seem to forget the Allies that fought and died for the free world, The millions of immigrants and fellow brethren, that came to the USA and worked till they dropped so the self appointed so called privileged could play golf and sip their cocktails. No it is the people that have made America Great and it only functions when the people do it all! Act as One Nation and accept the rights of ALL MEN AS EQUAL. While (they) “Those that take the privilege and usually sadly are white” take it all..By whatever evil means they have,
Time for change removing all the darkness caused by trump and his cronies reign We in the free world look forward to the day dawning with Full Blown Lightness Leave the innocents and free speech alone See how far you get without the light to guide you MAGA Maggots. Interesting how they have to cheat, lie, steal, hide the truth in order to continue with the devastation of our world. I see the way the treatment of children at the border, the Custers Last Stand Wounded Knee and all the slave ships ….. It is the haunting of America that must be purged forever…..Man made religions feeding off the innocents. We are all capable of Darkness Evil reigns.

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