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Looks Like Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Might Be Ready To Blow The Whistle On His Ex-Boss

Remember Brad Parscale? He was campaign manager for the 2020 Trump campaign until he was suspected of stealing millions from the campaign coffers and accused of being suicidal by his wife. The cops were called and he was hauled off to jail after he argued with the police.

Shortly after Parscale was taken into custody, there were reports that the Trump family was terrified that he’d turn on them and tell what he knew about possible financial crimes:

“According to the source close to the campaign, the Trump family is worried that Parscale could turn on them and cooperate with law enforcement about possible campaign finance violations. ‘The family is worried Brad will start talking,’ the source said.”

And now it appears Parscale is about to start talking, announcing that he’s agreed to an interview on Fox News:

Granted, an interview on Fox News isn’t the same as sitting down and talking to prosecutors, but Parscale may have already done that. Or he’s doing it so he can let investigators know what he has knowledge of and is hoping for an offer of immunity.

What might Parscale be able to shed light on? Well, since he knows the inner workings of the Trump campaign, he might be able to explain where the nearly $1 billion in campaign funds went and why the Trump team was allegedly broke in the final days of the 2020 race.

No matter what he has to say, it should be interesting to hear Brad Parscale. If nothing else, he stands to embarrass Trump even further.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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