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Looks Like Don Lemon Has Banned Trump Shill Jack Kingston From His Show (VIDEO)

Appearing on CNN Thursday evening, former GOP Congressman Jack Kingston began spewing one Trump administration talking point after another. It got so bad that host Don Lemon seemed to be saying that Kingston would not be appearing on the show again.

During a discussion of Charlottesville and President Trump’s reaction to an act of domestic terrorism, Kingston said:

“What if I prosecuted the largest group of white supremacists in history — oh wait that already happened.”

Lemon asked Kingston:

“Donald Trump prosecuted them? Are you talking about the attorney general and it happened under Donald Trump?”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also remarked:

“What are you talking about, Jack?”

Kingston, like nearly everyone who defends Trump, doubled down on his lie:

“I’m not sure of the details, but I know that I was looking at that.”

In response, Lemon scolded Kingston and told him:

“Jack, Jack, Jack. You got to dig deep in the talking points and you have to research them and make sure the talking points are true before you come on television and repeat the talking point.”

When Kingston again began trying to use lies to bolster his bogus assertion, it sounded like Lemon may have banned the Trump shill from his program:

“So, listen, Jack, I love having you but I can’t let you come here if you won’t tell the truth. And if you repeat the lie — if you repeat a lie enough people start to believe it and I don’t want lies repeated and people believing untruths on this show. I will not be a purveyor of fake news.”

Shouldn’t that be the policy for any Trump apologist who appears on a news show and tries to spread their patented BS? If they start lying, end the segment and never invite them back. It’s really just that simple.

Watch for yourself and decide if Don Lemon banned Jack Kingston:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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