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LISTEN To The Strange Robocalls Being Made To People Who Oppose Trump

Imagine you’re at home, minding your own business, maybe surfing the web or posting something on Facebook. The phone rings. You answer it. It turns out to be a creepy, threatening robocall telling you that you need to stop criticizing Donald Trump on social media.

Big Brother has arrived in America.

Gizmodo reports that people across the United States and Canada are getting the same robocall which is left on their voicemail. One of them is Brett Vanderbrook, who lives in Dallas:

“Brett Vanderbrook was driving for Uber last week when he got a call from an unfamiliar number. He let it go to voicemail and when he listened to it later, he got a shock: It was a recorded message telling him to stop making ‘negative and derogatory posts about President Trump.’ 

“‘It was kind of threatening. I was dumbfounded at first and then creeped out. Then I was angry and that’s when I decided to share it.’”

And that’s what Vanderbrook did: He posted the voicemail on Facebook:

Where are the calls coming from? They say they’re from a group known as Citizens for Trump, which describes itself as a “grassroots organization” which advocates on behalf of President Trump. But is this group responsible for the bizarre calls? Gizmodo found contradictory information in that regard:

“Several readers recognized the voice in the recording from Ownage Pranks, a service that places automated prank calls. ‘Citizens for Trump’ is a prank offered by the service, which records the call and lets the person who ordered it post it publicly if they choose. In the full recording, the caller is identified as ‘Russell from the Citizens for Trump Foundation.’”

The calls come from various numbers, but the message is always the same:

“We’ve been monitoring some of your posts and it does seem that you’ve been making some rather negative comments about President Trump. Is that correct? 

“Listen. We’re going to have to ask you to lay off on the negative and derogatory posts about President Trump, OK?What’s your problem, anyways? Don’t you want to make America great again?

“Well, you’ve been warned. We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Have a nice day.”

And now lots of people who’ve gotten the robocall are posting all over social media to make others aware of the problem:

So the next time your phone rings, keep in mind it may be one of these pro-Trump robocalls. And whether it’s a prank or not, no one wants to hear this kind of crap on their voicemail.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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