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Lindsey Graham Puckered Up And Gave Trump’s A*s A Giant Kiss On ‘Meet The Press’ (VIDEO)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been one of the most consistent Republican critics of the so-called president, Donald Trump, reluctant to jump aboard the bandwagon of GOPers who are only too happy to salute no matter what the Liar-in-Chief happens to say.

But on Meet the Press Sunday, Graham did a complete 180, giving the alleged head of state a warm wet kiss right on his ass cheeks.

Commenting on the air strike Trump ordered against a Syrian air base, Graham remarked:

“I think ISIS should be Germany and Assad should be Japan, like World War II analogies here. 

“Accelerate the demise of ISIL — they’re a direct threat to the homeland, Assad’s not. But I’ve never been more encouraged by the Trump administration than I am today.”

The gigantic flaw with that analogy is that ISIS is a stateless terrorist organization which fights in unconventional ways that cannot be accurately predicted. As for Assad being Japan, that’s so absurd that it’s laughable. Graham may be trying to put things into soundbites for his low information Republican base who elected him, but to say such a thing on national television only underscores just how little he understands about the threat posed by both ISIS and Assad.

Graham also referred to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s statement that Syrian president Bashar Assad needed to be removed from office for peace to take hold in Syria:

“Ambassador [to the United Nations Nikki] Haley just said on your program, ‘You’ll never end the war with Assad in power.’ So that means regime change is now the policy of the Trump administration. That’s at least what I’ve heard. So you need more American troops to accelerate the demise of ISIL.”

Regime change in Syria? Let’s keep in mind that was the policy which the Bush administration pursued in Iraq, and it turned the country and region into an even bigger basket case. It also directly led to the formation of ISIS due to the resentment felt in the Arab world in seeing an occupying American army on the streets of Baghdad.

No wonder Republicans cannot be trusted to run foreign policy or the economy. They never seem to learn from their failures.

Here’s Graham kissing Trump’s ass with a smile on his face:

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By Andrew Bradford

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