Lindsey Graham: Now That There’s A Special Counsel, Time To Get Back To Hillary’s Emails (VIDEO)

There are times when South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham acts quite unlike most members of his party. How so? Well, at times Graham actually puts aside rank partisanship and places the interests of the country first. Unfortunately, he then reverts back to form and becomes nothing more than a hack with a Southern accent.

Appearing on Fox News Thursday evening, Graham was commenting on the appointment of a special counsel–Robert Mueller–to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Graham remarked:

“I don’t know what caused the appointment. I haven’t seen any evidence of a crime yet. The bottom line is I respect the decision, but this pretty much shuts Congress down. Democrats, you got what you wanted. You got a special counsel. Now we’ll just move on. We’re not prosecutors.”

Yeah, blame it all on the Democrats, Lindsey. As if just the other day you and John McCain weren’t saying the entire matter of Trump and Russia looked troubling. Thanks for proving what a douche weasel you are when appearing on Fox News and tossing red meat to your redneck constituents.

But Graham was far from done. Next, he said we need to resurrect the matter of Hillary Clinton’s emails:

“There’s a new front opening here. I have reason to believe that there are emails between Clinton campaign officials, democratic operatives to the Department of Justice regarding the Clinton email investigation that happened on Obama’s watch. I have reason to believe those emails exist. I’m on the Judiciary Committee. And I think it’s important that the Judiciary Committee be given any emails that were directed to the Department of Justice by Clinton campaign officials or operatives because we have jurisdiction over the Department of Justice.”

What “reason to believe” does Graham have? He didn’t say, but I’m guessing he read it on Breitbart or saw it on one of right-wing looney bird Alex Jones’ broadcasts.

Can you see what’s happening here? It’s clear as day: Graham and his GOP friends in Congress want to try and distract from the dumpster fire of the Trump-Russia scandal, so they decided to try and revivify a dead issue. It’s not only disingenuous, it’s downright pathetic.

Graham and his ilk need to stick their heads in the nearest toilet bowl and flush out the empty space between their ears.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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