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Legal Experts Say Donald Trump May Be Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

While we know that investigators in New York are looking closely at charging Donald Trump and the Trump Organization with financial fraud, many believe that the incumbent president should also face prosecution for his failure to battle the novel coronavirus, which has killed 490,000 Americans so far.

But what exactly would Trump be charged with if someone wanted to prosecute him for his negligence regarding the COVID-19 pandemic?

Some attorneys are suggesting Trump should be charged with crimes against humanity, as former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann noted Tuesday in a series of videos he posted on Twitter.

Here’s the legal framework for charging Trump with crimes against humanity:

Trump has not only repeatedly failed to do all he could to stop the spread of coronavirus, he’s also shorting the states when it comes to the number of promised doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer offered to sell the United States an additional 100 million vaccines, but Trump refused to purchase them.

Who would prosecute Trump? Well, the Justice Department could, with the DOJ’s Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section taking the lead. It’s own guide states that it specifically “investigates and prosecutes human rights violators and international criminals who have violated U.S. criminal law.”

Granted, Americans are rarely prosecuted under human rights laws, but the guidelines make it clear that anyone can be charged if their “acts are so broad and so egregious as to be considered crimes against humanity.”

400,000 dead Americans. A failure to act quickly when the virus arrived in the U.S. and refusing to provide adequate vaccines. Those are indeed crimes against humanity, the sort of thing that reeks of evil.

If indeed Trump can be charged, he should be. And his punishment should fit the crime.

Here’s Olbermann on the subject of Trump’s crimes against humanity:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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