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Legal Expert: Bannon Can Be Subpoenaed Again By J6 Committee After He’s Convicted Of Contempt

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon’s trial for contempt of Congress will begin next week, and based on reports that his legal defense has fallen apart, it appears almost certain that he will be quickly convicted.

However, once Bannon is found guilty of refusing to obey a subpoena from the January 6 House Select Committee, he can be subpoenaed yet again, according to Department of Justice official Harry Litman, who was asked Sunday by MSNBC host Alex Witt:

“What does that signal to other Trump allies, who are also refusing to comply with the committee’s subpoenas?”

The former deputy assistant attorney general responded:

“That’s why they brought it as you say. There is a concrete cost here, at least for now they have not been able to get the testimony. Same is true with [Mark] Meadows, Dan Scavino and [Peter] Navarro. And they had to refer for contempt in order to actually sober up the other witnesses who are thinking of maybe being resistant as well.”

Litman added:

 “There is a cost. But when I’m looking for here is for him to be convicted — and that may be — and there is no reason, by the way, this goes for Meadows as well, and there is no reason why the committee cannot re-subpoena, and now he would have, you know he never did, but not even the slightest basis for refusing. But still, once they go into that system you can’t get their testimony out until they have run the course.”

In other words, Bannon may wind up being convicted and sentenced to a couple of years in prison and still have to testify before the committee, which is the very reason he’ll be spending that time incarcerated. Clearly, Bannon’s “strategy” is coming back to bite him right on the ass.

Here’s the video:

By Andrew Bradford

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