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Lauren Boebert: ‘There’s Not Enough Of Me’ In Washington DC

There was a debate Saturday night in Colorado, and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) made a complete spectacle of herself, repeatedly proving that she’s one of the biggest fools on the face of the planet and not fit for Congress.

Peter Wade of Rolling Stone reported:

Once the debate began, Boebert focused many of her attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who she accused of running a “con game.” This led her opponent to respond at least six times, “I’m Adam Frisch, not Nancy Pelosi.” Frisch added that he would not support Pelosi’s speakership if he wins the congressional race.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not Nancy Pelosi,” Boebert replied. “Because if you get there and she’s speaker, you work for her.”

And then it go downright weird, with Boebert attacking the moderator, going off on wild tangents, and repeatedly trying to suggest that she’s the greatest thing Colorado has seen since Coors was created:

“Here’s the deal, in Washington, DC, the problem is there’s not enough of me.”

Boebert’s Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, did manage to get some good lines when Lauren wasn’t blabbering on:

“Do you promise to serve your full term, if reelected, even if your dream job of becoming a Fox News commentator comes up prior to the end of your second term?”

Boebert replied (lying through her teeth):

“I don’t think that’s my dream job. My dream job is actually just being a mom of four boys and raising my goats. That’s my biggest dream.”

So her four boys are goats? Or are her goats her children? I only ask because you never know what sort of bizarre shit is taking place at the Boebert abode. Reportedly, her husband has a likes to drive drunk, and we know he was convicted of waving his privates at underage girls in a bowling alley.

Boebert and Frisch are scheduled to debate again next month, but that depends on whether or not the congresswoman is too busy raising goats and children.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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