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Lauren Boebert In Big Legal Trouble For Her ‘Personal Use’ Of Campaign Funds

Like so many of her Republican colleagues in Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) seems to think that the laws which apply to the majority of us don’t apply to her, but a new investigation of possible criminal behavior by the congresswoman could lead to charges against her and her campaign.

CNBC reports that the Federal Elections Commission believes Boebert diverted some $6,000 from her campaign for her personal use:

“A letter from the Federal Election Commission to the treasurer of Boebert’s 2022 reelection campaign inquired about four Venmo payments totaling more than $6,000.

“FEC filings show the payments came between May and June for what’s described on the forms as ‘personal expense of Lauren Boebert billed to campaign account in error.’ The filings then note that the ‘expense has been reimbursed.'”

Whether the charges were made “in error” is irrelevant because doing so is a violation of campaign finance law.

Asked for comment on the FEC letter, a spokesperson for Boebert said the expenses had been reimbursed but refused to reveal what the payments were for, noting:

“The Venmo charges were personal expenses that were billed to the campaign account in error. The reimbursement has already happened and will appear in the Q3 filing,” Ben Stout, Boebert’s deputy chief of staff and communications director, told CNBC in an email on Wednesday.

The letter from the FEC also warns Boebert that they may indeed take legal action against her:

“If it is determined that the disbursement(s) constitutes the personal use of campaign funds, the Commission may consider taking further legal action.”

Another Republican, former California Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) was charged and found guilty for misusing campaign funds. He was sentenced to less than a year in prison and later pardoned by then-President Donald Trump.

Boebert, CNBC notes, has “been under scrutiny since she was elected in 2020” due to her controversial remarks and association with movements such as the extreme right-wing QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe the world political order is controlled by Satan-worshiping pedophiles who feed on the brains of children.

Boebert has claimed she has no connections to the QAnon movement, but multiple reports have linked her to the group.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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