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Lauren Boebert Decided To Dance At A Nightclub And It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine

Granted, it’s incredibly easy to make fun of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), especially since she provides plenty of material that can be used to mock her and prove just how unfit she is for any job other than perhaps taking out the trash at the nearest Dollar General.

So when you hear that Boebert was caught dancing at a country and western nightclub while out campaigning recently, you might dismiss the idea as unimportant and even trivial.

Until, of course, you see the video.

The video, which was shared by Ron Filipkowski on Twitter, includes this header: “Boebert out clubbing on the campaign trail.”

But that doesn’t do the video justice, as you can see:

Wow! That’s really bad. It’s sad that people who can’t dance seem to have a desire to do so for everyone to see. There ought to be a law.

Also, be sure and note that Boebert chooses to dance with another woman instead of her husband, Jayson. Was he busy flashing his privates at an underage girl, much the same way he did years ago?

The irony of Lauren dancing with a woman cannot be overstated. After all, she’s constantly attacking LGBTQ Americans who date, get married, or adopt children.

Granted, Boebert’s dancing isn’t quite as bad as Elaine’s on “Seinfeld,” but it’s bad enough that she should avoid dancing in public, especially when she’s running for reelection and is on the verge of possibly losing to her Democratic rival, Adam Frisch.

Twitter, however, had a field day with the video and gave Lauren the mocking she so thoroughly deserved.

How sweet it would be if Lauren Bobert loses in November. She’s already lost her restaurant/bar, Shooters, and if she happens to lose her gig as a congresswoman, what in the world will she do to make a buck? Maybe she can start an OnlyFans page for right-wing pervs like Donald Trump.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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