Latest Moronic Outrage From The MAGA Faithful: Microsoft XBox Has Gone ‘Woke’

The latest absurd conspiracy theory being circulated online by right-wing nut jobs will definitely leave you shaking your head.

It seems that Microsoft and their XBox console has now gone “woke” and must be rejected by everyone.

Newsweek reports on the idiocy:

Microsoft has announced changes to its Xbox console settings that is to allow users to save more energy and reduce the carbon impact of their gaming. But this has been read (or misread) by Republican representatives and organizations as the “woke brigade” wanting to “take your Xbox.”

What’s all the fuss about? A simple energy-saving mode that users can choose.

The company included a feature that allows the console to pick a time of the night for maintenance and updates to use the most renewable energy from the electrical grid, and a “shutdown” setting that can replace the sleep mode, which it says saves 20 times the energy.

Blaine Hauglie, technical program manager for Xbox explained the reason for the new setting:

“We not only hold ourselves accountable to the carbon emissions in the production and distribution of our products, but to the emissions created with the use of our products in the homes of our fans as well. So, the way we design our hardware and software to be more efficient and optimized for renewable energy can have a big impact.”

But to hear right-wing media reports, you’d think Microsoft had just renamed XBox the HellBox and the device would be quoting passages from the Satanic Bible.

As you’d expect, one of the first to weigh in on the new XBox was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who went full hyperbolic and posted this bit of dreck on Twitter:

“First gas stoves, then your coffee, now they’re gunning for your Xbox.”

Blaze Media also joined the idiocy.

But perhaps the most outrageous remarks came from Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX).

“They want to take your guns. They want to take your gas stoves. And now they want to take your Xbox. What’s next?”

Holy shit, it’s the end of the world! Time to build an ark and wait for the flood. Be sure and bring your AK-47 to protect from enraged gas stoves.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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