Lady Gaga Just Had The PERFECT Response To The Idea Of Trump As POTUS (VIDEO)

What if we wake up on November 9 and face the horrifying prospect of Donald Trump as President of the United States? Do we pull the covers up and go back to sleep, or do we begin asking if we’re already asleep and caught in one hell of a bad nightmare?

That was the question posed to Lady Gaga on BBC Breakfast Friday, and this was her initial reply:

“I have nothing to say of him.”

When the multi-talented entertainer was pressed on why she thinks Trump appeals to some Americans, Lady Gaga said:

“I think what is most important is for us to try to decipher now what is real and what is not. And what is honest and what is dishonest and be accepting of those things and not operating from fear.”

A strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, the Lady also commented:

“I think she will do a good job. Some people want to win races. Other people want to be president of the United States and change people’s lives. It’s about the intention.”

Talented, brilliant, and incredibly wise. This Lady is one hell of a woman.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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