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Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claims Her Mother Has ‘Physically And Emotionally Abused Her’

Something very strange is going on inside the Conway home, and it’s getting more bizarre by the second.

Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, who serves as a counselor to President Donald Trump, is accusing her mother of physical and emotional abuse, and also claims that her mom had her “arrested” for making false charges, according to Heavy:

“Claudia, whose father is George Conway III, shared via TikTok on August 6, ‘Kellyanne just called me and said I’m putting her life in danger by speaking out and how im gonna get arrested again for make false allegations.’ The TikTok video she posted an hour prior also alluded to her being arrested. She captioned the clip, ‘Storytime?’

“On Thursday, Claudia, who has over 273,000 followers on TikTok, shared a third video in which she appears to be lying in bed crying. While the song ‘Bulletproof’ plays, she adds text to the video that read, ‘You think you can hurt my feelings? lol my mom is Kellyanne Conway.'”

The 15-year-old’s claims were amplified on Twitter, where some users who had seen Claudia’s TikTok videos suggested she might be in danger:

The most recent posting from Claudia also suggests chaos in the Conway house, The Daily Mail reports:

“The series of short clips were followed by a post uploaded to Twitter later Thursday, in which Claudia asked her 175,000 followers, ‘How do I get in touch with pro bono lawyers.’

“When quizzed by one respondent about what type of lawyer she needed, Claudia responded, ‘Family [lawyer].'”

Claudia has also been highly critical of her mother’s boss, recently posting this on social media:

“(Her) tweet was preceded by a message she directed at Trump, in which she called the president a ‘f***ing idiot’ earlier this week, for stating that schools across the country should reopen amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

While all of this may be little more than a teen daughter chafing under the rules set forth by her mother, it’s the last thing the White House needs right now as Trump continues to trail Joe Biden and cannot seem to do anything right in confronting the top challenges which face the country: Coronavirus and the economic recession.

Hard to say what will happen next with the Conway family, but it promises to be anything but boring.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claims Her Mother Has ‘Physically And Emotionally Abused Her’”

Why would anyone be surprised about Parental Abuse committed by those who have stolen the White House? It is a contractual pre-requisite to be either abused or an abuser. The entire gang is an abusive cabal that exists BY abusing others and BEING abusive. From the SCROTUS on down, the clear signs of child abuse and how it has led to the victims becoming abusers are patently evident.
It is but a small step from abusing a child to abusing an entire Nation!

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