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Kellyanne Conway: If You Criticize Trump, Expect To Face ‘Consequences’ (VIDEO)

Republicans love to talk about having “respect for the Constitution,” but what they really mean is they respect certain parts of the document which governs the country and ignore anything they disagree with. They love the Second Amendment and think everyone should tote a semiautomatic weapon around, but should you choose to disagree with one of these conservative loons, they want to try and punish you, acting as if freedom of speech is no longer applicable.

There can be no more perfect example of this than Donald Trump and the nitwits who so slavishly support and defend him no matter what he does. Kellyanne Conway proved that during her appearance on the MSNBC show Hardball, telling host Chris Matthews:

“People feel like with Donald Trump, they have license to say whatever the heck they want about this guy, with no consequences, with no blowback. The guy has a right to defend himself. And he rarely draws first blood. It’s when he is attacked, he likes to set the record straight.”

Last time I checked, Trump is a public figure, and we can indeed say whatever the heck we want to about him. If we were feeling especially evil and infantile, we could even suggest he wasn’t actually born in the United States and demand he show us his birth certificate, because he might have been born in Kenya and secretly be a Muslim.

When Matthews asked Conway about former Clinton campaign communications director Jen Palmeri’s remarks regarding the Trump campaign and transition team, Conway responded:

“Anytime I try to respond, I’m seen as ungracious. Why are we sore winners? I’m not a sore winner, I’m a winner. My guy’s a winner. He’s the next president of the United States. This has to stop, Chris, this incendiary rhetoric of people who just can’t admit that they lost. It has to stop, because it’s costing a lot of angst.”

It’s not going to stop, Kellyanne; not now and not ever. Know why? Because Trump is an illegitimate president who lost by nearly 3 million votes and had Russia helping him trash his opponent. And if you want to see some “consequences,” I have one word for you: Impeachment.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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