Joy Reid Warns: Trump Properties Will Soon Become Terrorist Targets (VIDEO)

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will take the oath of office and officially become the 45th President of the United States. And as Joy Reid pointed out on Meet the Press Sunday, any building with the name TRUMP across it will instantly become an incredibly tempting target for terrorists.

A great deal of attention has been paid to Trump’s potential conflicts of interest after he takes up residence at the White House, and Reid said those have yet to be resolved:

“We cannot discount how his personal conflicts of interest wind up influencing his foreign policy. We don’t know to what international banks he is in debt. We don’t know the extent to which his own pecuniary interests might influence his foreign policy, if his children are still running his company and there’s a hotel to be built in Dubai, does that influence his reaction if the government of Dubai acts in a way we don’t want, in Turkey or other countries.”

Then Reid mentioned the other threat which will arise as soon as Trump assumes the mantle of Commander-in-Chief of the United States:

“You start to have anything with a Trump name on it around the world becoming an instant terrorist target. How do we react to a world in which the name of the president of the United States is plastered all over hotels and hot spots?”

Reid makes an incredibly valid point. You might book a room at a hotel which carries the Trump name and awaken one evening to realize that hotel is under attack from machine-gun carrying radicals who hate everything associated with the leader of the United States. Or you might merely go into a Trump building for a quick bite to eat and wind up being blown to smithereens by a bomb. A few attacks of that type on Trump properties and no one will want to go near them again. That could be the kiss of death for the Trump brand.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Joy Reid Warns: Trump Properties Will Soon Become Terrorist Targets (VIDEO)”

Thom Hartmann actually mentioned the last point in one of his shows a few weeks back. Regardless of who brought it up, it certainly is a valid point.

I doubt that he will have completely divested before he goes into office. Not doing so will be in clear violation of the emoluments clause, which will hopefully be the smoking gun to mobilize the house and senate to get an impeachment going.

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