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Joy Reid NAILS IT: Trump Is Surrounded By People Who Want Him ‘Believing In Conspiracy Theories’ (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump sent out the bizarre tweets last Saturday morning alleging that former President Obama had ordered him to be wiretapped, there’s been a great deal of discussion as to whether or not Trump was just using the tweets to divert attention from the Trump-Russia investigation or if he actually believes such a ridiculous theory.

Saturday morning on AM Joy, a panel discussion examined that very question, with host Joy Reid saying she believes advisers are feeding the alleged president conspiracy theories as a way of promoting their own agendas, commenting:

“I think actually that is a very important point to make because you do have a president who is surrounded by sort of an alt-state and that is Bannonites — I don’t know what you call them. They want this Christian white nationalistic ethno-state, I guess. And people like Steve Bannon, people like Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller. There is a core of people around Donald Trump who want him to keep believing conspiracy theories, who want him to essentially believe President Obama can wiretap him from Hawaii or wherever he happens to be.”

Security analyst Malcolm Nance agreed with Reid and added:

“We have a conspiracy theory president and I’m not even sure whether you can put those three words together in a tangible sentence and use the word president. He seems to be buying every crazy idea that’s out there. Now, granted, the man can’t seem to tell the truth about anything.”

And Nance said having such an unstable person as Commander-in-Chief has much larger implications for the United States and the world:

“This is dangerous and, as much as is sounds amusing, he controls 4,000 atomic weapons. He controls the levers of power in the United States. if he’s going out with Steve King and other in Congress and saying that the president of the — the former president of the united states wiretapped a conversation he had a few weeks ago with the president of Australia, I mean we have got a very serious problem here.”

Yes we do. And it can only be rectified if this entire administration is removed from power using Constitutional means and a new election is held.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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