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Joe Scarborough Says Obama Failed Because He Came Into Office As ‘Black Jesus’ (VIDEO)

If perhaps the corporate overlords at Comcast–which owns MSNBC–were wondering if it’s time to give Joe Scarborough the axe, what the asshat morning host said earlier today should convince them to hand Joe his pink slip. But I seriously doubt they will.

Discussing the differences between how President Obama and Donald Trump are perceived when they entered the White House, Scarborough let fly with this bit of drivel:

“Obama came in as black Jesus. I don’t want to come in as redneck Jesus if I’m a president of the United States. You want to come in where people — like Ronald Reagan — actually underestimate you.”

This means, Scarborough theorized, that the pressure is off Trump:

“And the media, once again, has done Donald Trump a great favor. What have they told us over the past week? He’s a white supremacist, he’s a Nazi, he’s bringing Nazis back to America.”

Has it dawned on Scarborough that the media is saying these things about Trump because they just so happen to be completely true?

But Scarborough was far from finished blaming the media (which he’s a part of) for everything:

“They set the bar so low, Donald Trump says there’s a bar, I’m going to walk over it.”

No wonder so many once loyal MSNBC viewers refuse to watch Morning Joe. The host is a complete moron.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

3 replies on “Joe Scarborough Says Obama Failed Because He Came Into Office As ‘Black Jesus’ (VIDEO)”

I use to watch you all but you Mika have become a little too flip in your sharing. I do not know why you are sitting next to this guy who thinks he has all of the answers. I watch CNN in your time slot. Those people are real and kind. Good luck to you guys and I hope you will do some changing. MSNBC is my favorite and you are the only show I no longer watch. You need to move to Fox.

Joe Scarbough like so many closet racist now have their day in the sun. They feel empowered that Trump won so they dont have ti hide in the shadows anymore. They can just tell the rest of Americans how they really feel now. Scarbough knows what mountains President Obama had to climb but did he ever say one positive thing? It is so sad that becauseDonald Trump is an old white man like the pervious 43 before him that American has been redeemed.
Color doesnt make you sucessfull determination does.

Joe has been perpretrating a fraud for years as joe america. He is simply an elitist, 1% er, yuppie, metrosexual scumbag who should be on fake fox news. Get him off the air and out of nyc. And Mika is even worse, a spoiled mindless, medicated bitch who cannot defend herself over anything… a pitiful example for my daughter and any decent woman.

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