Donald Trump Jr. WTF?!

Jimmy Kimmel Busts Don Jr. For His Most ‘Shameless’ Grifting And Hypocrisy Yet

The Trump family only cares about one thing — money — and it doesn’t matter to them what they have to do or who they have to hurt in order to obtain more of it.

In other words, the Trumps are shameless grifters, and they repeatedly engage in questionable ventures (i.e. Trump University, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, etc.) to further enrich themselves.

Jimmy Kimmel has had enough of the Trump lies and hypocrisy, and he spelled out the latest grift from Donald Trump Jr. on his show Thursday evening, according to Mediaite:

Jimmy Kimmel called out Donald Trump Jr. for boasting that items on his website were “Designed and embroidered in the USA” when they were actually made in China.

“The hypocrisy, they don’t even try to hide it anymore,” Kimmel said on Thursday night. “I guess they don’t need to hide it, nobody seems to notice.”

Kimmel then showed specific examples of what he was making reference to: A cap with the initials “FJB” (shorthand for F*ck Joe Biden) that the failed, one-term former president’s son is selling on his website, which Kimmel explained:

“It may have been designed and embroidered here but, we ordered one of the hats, and boy you’re not gonna believe this,” Kimmel said then revealing a tag that said, “Made in China.”

There was also the anti-LGBTQ hoodie that’s also an insult aimed at Biden, with Kimmel noting:

“Just in time for Pride Month, we’ve got this, uh … ‘Let’s Get Biden to Quit, LGBTQ’ hoodie, designed and printed in the USA and made in … El Salvador.

“And why doesn’t he have shirts made here? Because they cost about 30 percent more to have them made here.”

Hey, Don Jr. needs that extra 30% profit margin for the party favors (snort snort) he hoovers up his nose right before he makes one of his deranged videos that are later posted on social media.

Kimmel also hit the nail on the head when he dismissed the Trump clan with the only branding that fits them to a T:

“Shameless, worthless grifters and leeches is what these people are. And remember that!”

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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