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Jan Brewer Goes Nuts On Sunday Talk Show: Says There Should Be Fewer Female Political Candidates (Video)

You would think that on this day (of all days) that a woman (of all people) would not want to go on national television and proclaim there are far too many women in politics. Especially since the person saying that just happens to be the former Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer…a woman!

But there Brewer was earlier today on CNN’s Sunday program “State of the Union.” She was on the program ostensibly to discuss possible running mates for presumptive 2016 GOP nominee Donald Trump, but she kind of got sidetracked, which has happened before. In case you’ve forgotten, this was then-Governor Brewer in 2012 when President Obama visited:


That’s right, she is indeed pointing her finger right up in the face of the President of the United States to let him know she disagrees with his policy on immigration. Apparently, Brewer thought this would make her look tough and endear her to her supporters in Arizona, when in fact all it did was make her appear to be a spoiled, petulant child.
On “State of the Union,” a list was read by host Jake Tapper of potential Vice Presidential candidates for Trump, and Tapper wondered if Brewer might want to be on the list, also. Her reply sounds like an audition:

“Who made up that list? They didn’t put me on there. Of course, I would be — I would be willing to serve in any capacity that I could be of help with Donald on.” 

Then Tapper asked a very logical and obvious follow-up question, especially in light of the fact that the Democrats may well nominate a woman as their 2016 candidate:

“Do you think he needs to pick a woman? Given how bad his numbers are with women.”

Brewer’s head-scratching reply may leave you dizzy when you hear it:

“I don’t necessarily think you need to pick a woman. You know, this woman thing has gotten way out of control I believe.”

While she was it, Brewer thought she would add some right-wing conspiracy theory to the mix, telling Tapper:

“And I think it’s been driven by the left. Because they think that it’s going to bring them over the end. But I think people, when they sit down to vote, they vote for the very best candidate. They want somebody that’s going to represent them.”

And adding insult to injury, keep in mind Brewer said all of this on Mother’s Day!

If you can bear to watch it, here’s Brewer on CNN, taking cheap shots at her own gender:

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