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Jake Tapper Says Of Trump: ‘I’ve Never Really Seen This Level Of Falsehood’ (VIDEO)

Turns out lots of folks have had it up to here with the continual lies pouring forth from the piehole of our illegitimate president.

Appearing on Real Time on Friday evening, CNN host Jake Tapper told Bill Maher the constant misrepresentations and outright falsehoods are unprecedented for a president:

“I’ve never really seen this level of falsehood, just quantitatively.”

Tapper then brought up a lie Trump told and then abandoned: That 3-5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election, thus denying the alleged president a popular vote win. The CNN anchor said what makes all of this worse is they’re “conspiracy theories based on nothing” that have now have “members of his own party distancing themselves from him.”

As if all of this isn’t bad enough, Tapper added that Trump has also declared open war on the media:

“We’re all ‘fake news.’ All of us except for ‘Fox & Friends.’”

Each and every day, we see another lie, another bizarre conspiracy theory, another layer of madness being added by Donald Trump. It’s become a running joke, and yet there’s nothing funny about what he’s doing to our reputation overseas. He accused the British of spying and is now on Twitter whining that the Germans don’t pay their fair share of the burden in NATO.

It’s time to admit that Donald Trump has lost what little mind he might have once had. He’s a raving lunatic, and yet he’s carrying the nuclear codes in his coat pocket.

On top of all this chaos he’s creating among our allies, Trump is also preparing to cut vital programs to the most needy Americans with his proposed budget. He would eliminate assistance to the elderly, the young, and the disabled. He would push the poor further into poverty for the purpose of giving tax cuts to the wealthiest.

We face an existential crisis with Donald Trump as president. It’s time we acted.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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