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Iraq War Veteran Says Trump U Fired Her ‘Because I Was In The Military’

When we look back and perform the final analysis of the 2016 race for the White House, don’t be surprised if the Trump University lawsuit and accompanying bad press it’s generating for the GOP nominee turns out to be one of the main issues that sank the campaign of Donald Trump.

With the release of all the court documents related to the civil case for fraud filed by former Trump U students against the con man we know as Donald Trump, more and more shady practices and downright improper behavior is now coming to light proving once and for all that Trump is nothing more than a common grifter.

And now we have a former Iraq War vet alleging in a deposition that Trump University fired her because her duties as a reservist interfered in a very minor way with her job duties.

In her deposition, Corinne Sommer noted:

“I was fired because I was in the military. At the end of my [performance] evaluation, they wrote that it was a problem that I was in the military.”

Trump, of course, just loves to boast about how much he loves, honors, and supports veterans, and yet only this week he finally got around to dispersing funds he raised last year for them. And many of the checks he cut were only written after the Washington Post began asking for a full accounting by the Trump Foundation.

Sommer is not the only vet who alleges Trump let them go because of their military duties. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Richard Wright, was let go from his position as a mentor at the Trump Institute, an affiliate of Trump University. Wright had just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan when his bosses informed him that “all of your absences” meant the company had to “reevaluate your position with the Trump Institute.”

A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization commented on the allegations by Sommers, saying:

“While we do not comment on the circumstances surrounding the termination of employees, the allegations in Ms. Sommer’s lawsuit were completely meritless and Trump University in no way admitted the allegations in settling the dispute.”

Yes, Trump settled with Sommers in an employment lawsuit she filed against the Orange Menace, even though Trump repeatedly claims that he never settles lawsuits. Yet another of the many millions of lies Donald Trump has told which are now coming back to haunt him.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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