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HYPOCRITE! Trump’s Campaign Manager Once Called Americans ‘A Bunch Of Pigs’

Ever since Hillary Clinton made her comments that half of those who support Donald Trump can be placed into a “basket of deplorables,” the Trump campaign team has been attempting to assert that Clinton attacked hard-working Americans who just happen to disagree with her. But now statements made by Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway may have proven that the Trump camp is also guilty of hurling insults at voters.

According to Mother Jones, in 2008 Conway was discussing American’s buying homes at the peak of the housing bubble and she accused those citizens of behaving like “a bunch of pigs.”

During an appearance on Fox News in 2008, Conway also remarked:

“These people bought houses they could not afford. I mean, Julie, if you go out tonight and you spend $10,000 on a credit card and you make $8,000 a year, you could do the math. So people bought houses they couldn’t afford. They know that. This country spends money like a bunch of pigs. They buy things they say that they need… when they actually want them. That’s their business. But they should be in charge of their own economic sovereignty.”

While she was at it, Conway also took shots at Americans who expressed concern over the cost of the failed war in Iraq:

“If [voters] say, ‘Gee, we’re having a problem in this country economically because of the cost of the war, not because I live like a pig off my credit cards’ — which most people won’t admit in this country — then, I think, it’s a whole new problem for some of the candidates, particularly on the Republican side.”

If Ms. Conway genuinely wants to see the pig in this debate, she should oink her way on over to the nearest mirror and take a long look.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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