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Hypocrite Trump Adviser Says Muslim Ban Will Protect Americans From ‘Bigots’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Miller may not be a household name just yet, but he’s the man who crafted the executive order signed by Donald Trump on Friday that bans travel to the United States from seven countries in the Middle East.

Miller was a guest on CBS This Morning earlier today, and he defended the controversial ban on Muslims by saying:

“We’re going to take the next 30 days to develop a new set of screening protocols to try and ensure that people entering our country, particularly on a permanent basis, truly love and support the United States of America. There’ll be a 60-day period where countries will be asked to comply with the new directives. Countries that are in compliance will have regular, ordinary and routine migration with the United States.”

Then, in what may be one of the most blatant examples of hypocrisy yet from a member of the Trump team, Miller added:

“It only makes sense that we engage in some kind of selections process that prioritizes the entry of people who, as the order stated, don’t hold bigotry, hatred or violence against any sexual orientation, against any race, or against any particular class of people.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! People who don’t hold bigotry, hatred or violence against any sexual orientation, race, or class of people? What about the KKK and neo-Nazi members who so ardently support Donald Trump? What about David Duke? Closer to home for the Trumpkins, what about Steve Bannon, who once wondered aloud if the United States might be better off if only property owners were allowed to vote? Are they going to be detained at the airport and held indefinitely?

Personally, I don’t feel a deep-seated need to be protected from people who are seeking to come to the United States for freedom or to escape war and terrorism. I do, however, feel strongly that all of us need to be protected from the enemy within, especially the Machiavellian demons who currently work in the West Wing.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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