How ‘Yuuuuuge’ Will Trump’s Defeat In November Be? Let Us Count The Ways

When Donald Trump–whom I will be calling “He of the Tiny Hands Who Loses” on numerous occasions in the months ahead–romped to victory in Indiana last night, I began to smile. Why? Because this means that the GOP is doomed in November. Doomed to lose the White House, doomed to lose control of the Senate, and doomed to lose a giant share of their advantage in the House. That is how toxic Donald Trump is to the Republican Party. Here’s a simple analogy: Have you ever heard what happens when you pour sugar into someone’s gas tank? Trump is a giant bag of sugar being dumped into the tank known as the GOP. Good luck getting that crap out of the system once it’s there.

In less than 24 hours since Trump became the presumptive nominee for 2016, Republicans have come out in droves to say they will not vote for him, come hell or high water. Many are even vowing they will vote for Hillary Clinton in protest. There’s also whispered talk of a splinter group from the GOP running an acceptable Republican as a third-party alternative. But who would a third-party hurt the most if the third-party comes from the rank and file of the GOP? It would clearly take even more votes away from Trump.

In March, Nate Silver of tweeted out the bad news for the GOP in this election cycle. Here it is in blue and red:


Keep in mind this was long before Trump was the presumptive nominee for the GOP. One can only imagine how many additional states will be turning blue with Trump leading the ticket.

On cable news shows last night, talk began about who Trump might now choose as his running mate, the person who would be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office should something happen to Trump. One pundit on Fox News remarked:

“He has to decide who will make him look the most Presidential.”

No one can make you look Presidential just by standing next to you. And the larger issue is the simple fact that virtually no one votes based on who is on the ticket as Vice President. It just doesn’t factor in unless you manage to pick some total moron like Sarah Palin. How did that work out for John McCain?

Consider this: With Trump as the GOP nominee two states suddenly are in play that are NEVER in play in a general election: Mississippi and Utah. Read that again: Mississippi and Utah! If you’re a Republican and you cannot even lock up two of the most conservative states in the country, you are truly doomed.

Here’s a friendly piece of advice for Donald Trump: Go ahead and start crafting your concession speech, because you’re gonna be giving it early in the evening once the election returns start pouring in. Oh, and one more thing, Donald: You’re a loser and you always will be.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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