House Democrats Just Gave Mueller Exactly What He Needs To End The Trump Administration

For months now, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has refused to testify before Congressional committees investigating the role of Russia–and members of the Trump team–in possibly influencing the 2016 election which resulted in Donald Trump being elected president. It has long been believed that Flynn knows the story of Trump’s possible collusion with Russia from beginning to end.

Flynn was again asked to appear before investigating committees this week, and he again declined, but this time there could be very severe repercussions for his failure to cooperate.

Democratic Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel have sent evidence to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that they say proves Flynn attempted to broker a deal valued at $100 billion between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The deal was reportedly between the Saudis and a Russian nuclear power agency.

According to the letter Cummings and Engel sent to Mueller:

“It appears that General Flynn violated federal law by omitting this trip and these foreign contacts from his security clearance renewal application in 2016 and concealing them from security clearance investigators who interviewed him as part of the background check process.”

Robert Kelner, an attorney for Flynn, declined to comment on the letter from the two Democratic congressmen.

The $100 billion deal dates back to June of 2015. At that time, Flynn allegedly traveled to Egypt and Israel, according to Dr. Thomas Cochran, a physicist who advised ACU Strategic Partners, one of the American companies involved in the Russian-Saudi deal. Cochran told Congressional investigators:

“I joined General Flynn in Israel. The primary purpose of the Israeli leg of the trip was to ensure that the ACU project architecture would be in the best interests of Israel. Because General Flynn firmly believed in the necessity of the project from a U.S. National Security perspective, he traveled to Egypt and Israel to explain the ACU project’s importance.”

While all of this may sound more than a bit Byzantine, it would give the Special Counsel added leverage as he seeks to compel testimony from Flynn on his superiors, especially President Trump. And it’s also believed that Mueller may pursue state criminal charges against Flynn in his effort to assure his cooperation. That way, Trump could not pardon Flynn for any crimes he may have committed.

Additionally, we learned Wednesday that Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr., is now a subject of Mueller’s probe. What pressure might that place on his father to cooperate with the ongoing investigation?

One thing becomes more certain with each day: Robert Mueller is using numerous angles to get closer to Trump and other members of the administration. And as he tightens the screws on them, he draws nearer to his ultimate goal: Proving that Donald Trump is a traitor.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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