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Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Dangerous For The Economy; The ‘King Of Debt’ (Video)

In the key battleground state of Ohio today, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton portrayed Donald Trump as a threat to the national economic health of the United States.

Clinton tied her criticism of Trump to his record as a businessman, telling her audience:

“You might think that because he has spent his life as a businessman, he’d be better prepared to handle the economy. Well, it turns out, he’s dangerous there, too. Just like he shouldn’t have his finger on the button, he shouldn’t have his hands on our economy.

“Our nation’s economy isn’t a game.”

The former Secretary of State also noted:

“Every day we see how reckless and careless Trump is. He’s proud of it. Well, that’s his choice, except when he’s asking to be president. Then it’s our choice.

“But maybe we shouldn’t expect better from someone whose famous words are: ‘You’re fired.’”

The presumptive Democratic nominee also zinged Trump with this well-placed line:

“He’s written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11.”

As Clinton was still speaking, Trump tweeted:

Note that Trump cannot quite decide how to spell the word “judgment.”

A few minutes later, there was this from Trump:

It should also be noted that Clinton has some economic heavyweights on her side: a recently released Moody’s Analytic report concluded that Trump’s economic policies would reduce employment by 3.5 million jobs during his first term in office.

Clinton’s entire economic address from earlier today can be seen below:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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