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Here’s A Few Of The HIGHLY OFFENSIVE Things Roger Ailes Allegedly Called People At Fox News

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is already the defendant in several sexual harassment lawsuits which have been filed by woman who worked at the network during his tenure, and now more details of Ailes’ alleged behavior are coming to light as a result of the legal actions against him.

Based on a lawsuit which has been filed by Fox host Andrea Tantaros, Ailes referred to host Kimberly Guilfoyle as “a Puerto Rican whore” and also commented that Harris Faulkner “has the tendency to look like an angry black woman.”

Tantaros alleges that around August 12, 2014, Ailes had a meeting with her in which he asked the following:

a.“Is Greg Gutfeld gay?”;

b.“Is Dana [Perino] a lesbian?”;

c. Perhaps Gutfeld and Perino are “sleeping together?”;

d.“Are Kimberly [Guilfoyle] and Eric [Bolling] sleeping together?”;

e. Guilfoyle is “easy”;

f. Shannon Bream’s “voice is annoying.”;

g. Referring to Monica Crowley: “If I ever had to go on a date with her, I’d jump out the window.”;

h. Referring to Gretchen Carlson: “She’s nuts.”;

i. Referring to Catherine Herridge: “She’s a stalker.”; and

j. Referring to Maria Bartiromo: “She got so fat.”

Then in December of that same year, the lawsuit says that Ailes once again had a meeting with her in which the following matters were discussed:

a.“Is Greg Gutfeld gay?”;

b.“Is Dana [Perino] a lesbian?”;

c.“Perhaps Gutfeld and Perino are “sleeping together?”;

d.“Are Kimberly [Guilfoyle] and Eric [Bolling] screwing?”;

e.P erino “is uptight. You get the feeling that she never lets her hair down, but if she did, she’d be a good time.”

f. Kimberly Guilfoyle is a “Puerto Rican whore” and a “Puerto Rican streetfighter”;

g.“Harris [Faulkner] has to be careful. She has the tendency to look like the angry black woman.”;

Clearly, Roger Ailes is a disgusting human being who made working at Fox News a living hell for many of the women who were employed there. And this guy is now reportedly advising Donald Trump and preparing him for the upcoming debates with Hillary Clinton.

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By Andrew Bradford

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