Help! Trump’s Poll Numbers Have Fallen And They Can’t Get Up–Even After Dropping Bombs

If Donald Trump was under the impression that firing off cruise missiles and using a giant bomb would dramatically improve his poll numbers, he underestimated just how much the vast majority of Americans hate him.

The latest Marist College poll shows that fewer than 4 in 10 voters surveyed gave Trump a positive score when it comes to his overall job approval.

The poll also shows that the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with how Trump is handling foreign policy and have little or no confidence that he would make the right decision if an international crisis happens to arise.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, noted:

“As tensions mount, President Trump is facing a critical test as Commander in Chief. Instead of a rally ’round the flag effect, Americans are still looking for President Trump to provide leadership and more careful planning to arrive at sound policies.”

Looking closely at the Marist poll, you can see some troubling trends for the White House:

Trump Is Historically Unpopular:

Trump’s current job approval stands at 39 percent. But 49 percent disapprove of how he’s performing as the alleged president.

A clear majority, 54 percent, said they have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. A mere 38 percent view him favorably.

Foreign Policy

On the international front, 40 percent approve of how Trump conducts himself in the area of foreign policy, with 49 percent disapproving.

The poll also shows that 72 percent of those surveyed said tensions are rising around the world.

Right Vs. Wrong

Americans don’t think Trump would do the right thing if an international crisis–i.e. Iran, North Korea, Syria–escalated. 55 percent say they have little or no trust the pretend head of state would make the right or correct choice. 42 percent said they have a good or great deal of trust that Trump would make the right decision.

55 percent of those surveyed also said  they had little or no trust that Trump would come up with a sound strategy if it became necessary to use American military power.

Not A Leader

Is Trump a good leader? Marist respondents don’t think so. 54 percent of registered voters said Trump isn’t a good leader; 41 percent said he is.

What About Syria?

6 in 10 registered voters said Trump has no clear idea what to do about the situation in Syria, with only 33 percent saying he does.

58 percent supported the cruise missile strikes in response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons; 33 percent opposed them.

A mere 21 percent said they thought the United States should try and achieve regime change in Syria by deposing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Clearly, while Trump may think he can boost his poll numbers by playing a tough-guy Commander-in-Chief, at the moment most voters don’t have any faith in him or believe he has what it takes when life or death decisions must be made. And then there’s the investigations of collusion with Russia, which may well wind up leading to the complete political and personal downfall of this deeply flawed man.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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