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Heartless Tom Cotton Says ‘Able-Bodied’ Poor People Don’t Deserve Medicaid ‘Welfare’ (VIDEO)

No matter how hard they try to pretend they actually give a damn about average Americans, Republicans seem to have a weakness for saying what they really feel when there’s a camera around, proving their own heartless motives, which always come back to the bottom line.

The latest GOP ghoul to express himself on camera is Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who was asked on CNN about what is being called Trumpcare and would toss millions of low-income Americans off Medicaid, their only source of health coverage. Jake Tapper asked Cotton:

“They are saying, by removing the Medicaid expansion that happened during Obamacare, that helped provide insurance to 250,000 Arkansans, this replacement is going to take it away. Does that concern you?”

Cotton, without batting an eye, declared that lots of people on Medicaid should be paying for their own damn insurance:

“Medicaid is a welfare program. It’s primarily designed for the indigent, elderly, the disabled, the blind and children. It’s not designed for able-bodied adults. We want to get those people off of Medicaid, into a job and into market-based insurance.”

Yes, and I want to crap gold coins anytime I defecate, but it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m a bit skeptical it’s about to start if I just wish a little bit more.

Cotton then said the Paul Ryan/Donald Trump healthcare bill aims to lower premiums so more people can afford to purchase insurance in the private market:

“I want to assure that the private market is working for them so they can afford insurance and get off Medicaid.”

But if there are no standards to mandate those policies cover people’s basic health needs, a policy that only costs five bucks a month is still worthless. And that’s exactly what the insurance companies will do: They’ll sell crap insurance policies at less than what people are paying now, but when it comes time to use that coverage, the deductibles and co-pays will be so astronomical that even the reduced premium will wind up being a huge rip off.

Maybe if we went to single-payer Medicare for everyone and eliminated the insurance companies, all of us would finally get the healthcare we deserve. But then Senator Cotton and his soulless GOP colleagues would say we’re embracing socialism. They have no solutions for anything. All they’re capable of doing is make the problem worse.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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