Discrimination WTF?!

Hateful Right-Wing Windbag Phyllis Schlafly Wants To Deny Disaster Services To Those Who Don’t Speak English

Those who are having to endure the flooding disaster in Louisiana face the prospect of years of rebuilding and may never be able to replace all of their possession or mementos such a family heirlooms and photographs. FEMA is already on the ground and President Obama has greenlighted millions of dollars in federal aid to assist with the disaster.

And now along comes the head of the Eagle Forum, the always hateful Phyllis Schlafly, writing in a column that if some of those in Louisiana don’t speak English, they should not be allowed access to federal relief assistance:

“On August 16, five federal agencies issued an incredible 16-page, single-spaced ‘Guidance’ warning relief agencies not to discriminate in the use of disaster funds. Agencies receiving funds must ‘post a statement of nondiscrimination’ on all public notices and “should also identify a point of contact for the public to submit complaints of discrimination.

The Guidance refers to ‘unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin’ which is prohibited by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but it doesn’t stop there. It also tries to ban discrimination on account of“limited English proficiency,’ which Congress has never prohibited.”

But this snarling hyena of a human being was far from finished, adding:

“The sneaky part is the way the federal Guidance includes the phrase ‘limited English proficiency,’ as if the language you speak is part of your ‘national origin.’ In fact, people from every country can and do learn English, and there is no good reason for our government to conduct official business in any other language.

“Don’t assume that the Obama administration is merely responding to a genuine need for services by recent immigrants who have not yet learned English. In the name of multiculturalism, the administration is actively discouraging the transition to English by immigrants and their children, and promoting other languages instead.”

Worst of all, Phyllis Schlafly calls herself a Christian! Oddly, I don’t recall Jesus saying in the Sermon on the Mount,Blessed are those who speak the same language as me; all others need not apply.

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