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Hannity Is Panicking – Is It Because He’s A Co-Conspirator In Trump’s Crimes?

Sean Hannity is acting stranger than usual these days, and the reason may well be because he knows his orange lord and savior, Donald Trump, is on the verge of being indicted and he’s terrified his name will be listed on the indictments as a co-conspirator.

Too far-fetched, you say? Consider the following:

  • Hannity — just like Trump — also employed Michael Cohen as his attorney, and Cohen is known to be cooperating with prosecutors in the Manhattan DA’s office.
  • It has long been reported that Hannity is an unofficial adviser to Trump, even during the failed former president’s disastrous term in the White House

On his show Monday evening, Hannity went on an extended rant against the New York Times and reporter Maggie Haberman because they’re still reporting on Trump and his legal problems, telling viewers:

“Maggie, I’ll ask again, when are you going to admit your mistakes, correct the record, return your fake Pulitzer, and admit who you are: you’ve now become a full-time Donald Trump stalker. You’re not covering Joe Biden the way you covered Donald Trump. You’re not capable of it. She stalks Trump, gives Biden a pass.”

There’s a subtle hint of fear in Hannity’s words in that clip, and he must be sweating as he sees prosecutors in Manhattan convening a special grand jury to look at Trump’s alleged crimes. Since Sean is such good buddies with Trump, there’s a good chance the ex-president has discussed plenty of interesting (and potentially illegal) things with the Fox host. That would make Hannity a co-conspirator and also guilty of not reporting a crime (which is called misprision of felony), which could send Sean to prison along with the Donald.

Something is going on with Hannity, and if he did indeed play a part in or even discuss crimes with his buddy Trump, both of them could be facing imprisonment.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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