Coronavirus Corruption WTF?!

GOP Virus Relief Package Includes $500 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Controlled By Mnuchin

The $1.8 trillion coronavirus financial relief package that President Donald Trump said would be on his desk no later than today remains bottled up in Congress, in large part because Republicans in the House and Senate insist on stuffing the bill with billions in corporate welfare that would benefit some of the richest multinational corporations on the planet while at the same time stripping away protections for workers, according to the Washington Post:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) delayed an initial procedural vote on a $1.8 trillion bill as it became clear it would fail due to Democratic opposition, moving the vote from mid-afternoon to evening to allow more time for talks.

“At the same time, McConnell said it was time for Democrats to ‘take yes for an answer’ and accept a bill that he said incorporated many of their ideas. Democrats, though, alleged McConnell’s bill is tilted too far in favor of corporations and doesn’t include much oversight for $500 billion in loans and guarantees that could go to firms selected by the Treasury Department.”

Be sure and pay special attention to the last sentence in that second paragraph: “Democrats, though, alleged McConnell’s bill is tilted too far in favor of corporations and doesn’t include much oversight for $500 billion in loans and guarantees that could go to firms selected by the Treasury Department.”

In essence, a $500 billion slush fund would be created. And it would be controlled by Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, who could give the money to any company or individual he chooses, and he wouldn’t be required to disclose the recipients for up to six months.

And, just in case you were wondering: Mnuchin could dole out millions to the Trump Organization if he likes, as the president hasn’t said definitively that he would refuse such assistance.

A slush fund for the richest Americans. It’s a dream come true for Donald Trump and his grifter family.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to explode with outrage over the half-trillion dollar giveaway to fat cats, all at Mnuchin’s discretion:

The time has come for each and every American to let his or her member of the House or Senate know that there cannot be any slush fund or corporate bailouts. Workers and families must be the priority. Otherwise, this bill is nothing but a grab bag of goodies for the top 1 percent. God knows they’ve gotten enough benefits since Trump took office.

Find out who represents you and how to contact them by phone and email at this link:

Our voices can stop this obscene handout to the rich. But we have to act and act now.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “GOP Virus Relief Package Includes $500 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Controlled By Mnuchin”

Having just watched the latest conference meeting the press with this outfit. I have to ask How can any sane intelligent person have any confidence in this blithering idiot. Intent of sucking the last vestige of any funds for his own sinking fund. This magic Munchin creates would obviously be ending up in trumps own coffers he gave that away while squealing that there has been no thanks given to him for not taking any wages. How George Washington opperated from two desks one for the country the other for himself. Just how many desks does this clown trump need. He already has Kushner and Ivanka the lapdance and then there are those others Munchkin helps with along with Graham, McConnell. and said to day he has lost billions and billions. He is entitled to get back what he has lost. Just imagine how much he will loose with the virus.? This is the main idea of the Billions of dollars for the slushy fund. HIS!! slushy Please if this clown and his orange appendages arrived in our country the verdict would be Vote Of No confidence. Impeach !!! we do not impeach they get to know when it is necessary to step down. Americans stop allowing this man to continue to squander all your resources. Just admit that the House people are in step with the needs of the people. He uses the democrat party as his own punch drunk bag. Trump thinks he is a going to become one hellavu war hero…. thinks those members of some neighbors family that have just suffered horrendous death does not matter. How can any sane person have to sit or stand listening to so much disgusting bull shit. He seems to forget about the people he is suppose to serve and grandstands spouting about himself mostly for 1.5 hours. How dare he mock past presidents.
This gangster and his crew of beagle boys and girls have robbed you so much it is hurting the free world outside of America just watching…. Oh my this trump outfit stinks to highest heaven and still he continues to rip you all apart and off at every opportunity. Sickened to my soul for you all.

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