GOP Strategists Say Trump Is Doomed: ‘The Toothpaste Is Out Of The Tube’

Republican strategists who have worked on campaigns for other GOP candidates over the years say that Donald Trump will indeed lose in November.

As part of a panel hosted by Bloomberg News, several GOP advisors said Trump is an even worse candidate than they had feared he would be. Rick Tyler, who worked on the failed Presidential campaign of Ted Cruz, commented:

“During every campaign, there comes a moment in time where you feel the train leaving the tracks. And to me, this has that feeling. The toothpaste is out of the tube. It’s going to be very difficult for Trump to put it back in the tube.

“This could be the worst week in presidential history for any candidate. I certainly wouldn’t know how to top it.”

Joe Watkins, who served as an aide to George W. Bush concurred with Tyler and added:

“The hole that Trump has dug for himself is very deep. Given the large viewing audience for the first debate and week of big missteps by Trump, it’s possible that it could be too late to turn it around.”

And pollster Frank Luntz said it appears the campaign staff have lost what little control they once had over Trump:

“It wasn’t a bad week — it was a horrible week. His staff has no control over him whatsoever. It’s their responsibility to keep him focused on what it takes to win, and they have lost it.”

Oh well, maybe when it’s all over with, Trump can start a new reality show and try to remain relevant.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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