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GOP Senator Says We Can Blame The Opioid Epidemic On–Wait For It–Obamacare!

When in doubt, you can always count on a Republican blaming any problem–from terrorism to crime–on President Obama. Lose your job because you were constantly late to work? Gotta be Obama’s fault. Have a bad breakup with your significant other? That damn Obama did it!

And now we have a GOP member of the United States Senate–and a doctor to boot!–saying the opioid crisis in America can be directly blamed on Obamacare.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy told the Washington Post that easy access to healthcare hasn’t helped one bit:

“We were told that people were dying because they didn’t have health insurance. Now we have record numbers of people insured and our mortality rate has increased and life expectancy has decreased. It kind of gives lie to the fact that somehow we’re going to enter into a wonderful new world once Obamacare was implemented.”

Cassidy then explained that economic anxiety (caused by President Obama) has led people to turn to drugs:

“Those folks can no longer have a living wage. I think it’s easy to imagine those folks in despair, those folks perhaps going on disability, those folks perhaps becoming addicted to opiates. I can go on, but it’s easy to imagine.”

Why would we want you to go on, Senator? You’ve amply proven your own ignorance and absolute lack of compassion for those who suffer from the disease (yes, it’s a disease, Dr. Cassidy!) of drug addiction.

See, if people had jobs and good wages, drug abuse would just magically disappear from the face of the country. That’s what Cassidy implied when he told the Post:

“When the people have no vision, they despair, and they want a vision of America that will give them their lives back. Good jobs, good benefits, a job to go to, every morning kissing their wife or their husband goodbye, dropping your kids off. And now they stay at home with nothing to do. We need an economy that works for them again.”

One wonders how Cassidy would explain the extremely high rates of opioid abuse among physicians. He’d probably say it’s all because President Obama hasn’t done enough in the war against ISIS. Hey, either blame every problem on your opponent or just make it all up. GOP voters are too stupid to know the difference, right, Senator?

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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