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GOP Senator Says People With Preexisting Conditions Don’t Deserve Insurance (VIDEO)

If you were wondering why the American healthcare system is in need of being wrecked by Trumpcare, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says all the blame can be squarely laid at the feet of those with preexisting conditions.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Johnson was asked by host Chuck Todd why Senate Republicans had held no hearings before they crafted and released their bill on Thursday. Rather than respond directly, Johnson merely said he knows the answer “but nobody wants to talk about it.”

Then Johnson went on the attack against the provision of Obamacare that requires insurance companies to cover individuals with preexisting conditions without charging more:

“We know why those premiums doubled. We’ve done something with our health care system that you would never think about doing, for example, with auto insurance, where you would require auto insurance companies to sell a policy to somebody after they crash their car.”

But Johnson was far from finished trashing every person in the country who might suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or even cancer:

“States that have…guarantees for preexisting conditions, it crashes their markets. It causes the markets to collapse. It causes premiums to skyrocket.”

Johnson’s assertion is total bullshit. In California, the largest insurance market in the country, the health insurance marketplace is thriving. And for Johnson or any other heartless sack of crap Republican to try and lay the blame for higher premiums on those who have preexisting conditions is simply scapegoating.

If Senator Johnson and his fellow Republicans in Congress truly want to fix the problem of healthcare in the United States, they can go to a single-payer Medicare for all system which would guarantee that everyone has insurance. Until they do, they should be forced to forego their own health insurance, which is partially subsidized by our tax dollars.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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