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GOP Rep. Says Russia Doesn’t Commit Human Rights Abuses, Then Disses China (VIDEO)

Lately it seems that the Republican Party is engaged in a gigantic act of butt kissing when it comes to the nation of Russia. Donald Trump has spoken glowingly about Russian President/tyrant/terrorist Vladimir Putin, and now we have other members of the GOP defending the Russians.

The latest is California GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who was being interviewed by Yahoo News and Finance anchor Bianna Golodryga. Golodryga responded to a comment the Congressman made about China being the “worst” abuser of human rights in the world. So she reminded Rohrabacher:

“When you talk about human rights abusers in China, much can be said about Russia as well in that regard.”

A visibly annoyed Rohrabacher fired back:

“Oh, baloney ― where do you come from?”


“I come from the former Soviet Union, that’s where I came from. I came here as a political refugee. That’s where I came from.”

Then Rohrabacher inquired:

“Oh, OK. What country did you say you came from?”

The host responded:

“I come from the former Soviet Union, from Moldova.”

Rather than acknowledge that Golodryga might be more informed on the matter than him, Congressman Rohrabacher snidely snapped:

“Oh, well then that’s good, then the audience knows that you are biased.”

But Golodryga held her own:

“I’m biased because I am an American citizen who was born in a foreign country?”

Later in the interview, Rohrabacher made this patently absurd statement regarding China:

“No we don’t need China, China’s against us… the Chinese are not our friends. They’re the second largest economy because we have acted like fools and built up their economy, we have transferred wealth, we have transferred technology, we have opened our markets to them while they have controlled everything on their side. No, the Chinese dictators are not our friends.”

Keep in mind that Rohrabacher has been mentioned as a possible choice to be Secretary of State! Can you imagine this loose cannon when it comes time to talk to the Chinese about North Korea or any host of issues on which we need the cooperation of the Chinese government?

One thing is clear about Donald Trump and the people who support him: It’s not just the blind leading the blind, it’s more like the clueless leading the ignorant.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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