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GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Gets Heckled, Booed At Raucous Utah Town Hall (VIDEO)

Congressional Republicans are getting an earful when they return home to meet with their constituents, and the latest member of the GOP to face a raucous, unhappy crowd of at hundreds was Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, who also happens to be chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

At the town hall meeting, which was held at Brighton High School, in a Salt Lake City suburb, Chaffetz was peppered with pointed questions and heckled when he responded. Whenever he mentioned the name “Trump,” the  crowd booed loudly.

Some of the voters who showed up were not pleased when Chaffetz mentioned the GOP plan to repeal Obamcare, while other constituents criticized the Republican pledge to eliminate all funding for Planned Parenthood.

At one point, a young girl stood and asked what Chaffetz planned to do in order to protect the environment, adding:

“Do you believe in science? Because I do.”

When the debate turned to investigating conflicts of interest by alleged president Donald Trump, one constituent yelled out, “Do your job!” and Chaffetz replied:

“There’s no case to be made that we went soft on the White House. In terms of doing my job, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.”

That response led a woman to remind Chaffetz that he had once called for Trump to release his tax returns, and she told the Congressman:

“I’m asking you to explain what your timeline is to uphold your word or why there is a reluctance to do so.”

Rather than respond directly to the question, Chaffetz said:

“Until there is evidence that he has somehow overused that to ingratiate his family…”

The remainder of his response was drowned out with hearty booing.

Over the course of the town hall, voters were also heard to shout out, “You work for us,” and “Your last term.”

Chaffetz took 13 questions from the audience but refused any from reporters. He appeared eager to end the meeting as soon as possible.

Remember that Tea Party movement that began on the far right several years ago and swept some Republicans into office? This is the progressive movement rising up and becoming a force which could well spell the end of GOP control of Congress. Oh, and it’s also a big dose of karma that showed up to take a hearty bite out of Jason Chaffetz.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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