GOP Lawmaker Asks Muslim Constituents If They ‘Beat Their Wives’ Before He Meets With Them

Imagine that you go to the state capitol to meet with your elected representative, and before he will agree to give you the time of day, a staffer hands you a questionnaire that asks whether or not you beat your wife.

That’s exactly what happened when members of the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) and high school students paid a visit to Representative John Bennett. CAIR-Oklahoma Executive Director Adam Soltani posted a video on Facebook and reported:

“I just have been informed by some of our community members that Rep. John Bennett…is refusing to meet with Muslims unless they answer questions from an Islamophobic hate group called ACT for America.”

Here’s a sampling of the questions found on the handout given to Bennett’s Muslim constituents:

  • “Sharia law says that it must rule over the kafirs, the non-Muslims. Do you agree with this?”
  • “The Koran, the sunna of Mohammed and Sharia Law of all schools say that the husband can beat his wife. Do you beat your wife?”
  • “Mohammed was a killer of pagans, Christians and Jews that did not agree with him. Do you agree with this example?”

This isn’t the first time Bennett has been accused of being an Islamophobe. In 2014, Bennett posted a note on Facebook saying that Oklahoma residents should be “wary” of their Muslim residents in their communities. Later that year, Bennett also told voters that the ultimate goal of Islam is “the destruction of Western civilization from within,” and added:

“This is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.”

ACT for America, which wrote the questionnaire Bennett handed out, is the largest anti-Muslim extremist group in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It also has ties to the White House via chief counselor Steve Bannon and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Here’s the video Soltani posted on Facebook:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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