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GOP In Panic Mode As Bad News Comes In From The Georgia Senate Runoffs

Just last week, President-Elect Joe Biden was in Atlanta, Georgia, to rally Democrats to get out and vote in the two Senate runoffs during the early voting period in the Peace State, which began on December 14 and continues until December 31 in many counties


Early figures of early voting in Georgia have also been released, and they suggest an enormous turnout for the special election, which is very bad news for Republicans, who never do well when voter turnout surges.

According to Newsweek, data from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office had encouraging news for Democrats, who will benefit from increased voter participation:

“168,093 people cast in-person absentee ballots—a significant increase from the roughly 128,000 Georgians who participated in the first day of in-person early voting for the November general election.

“That brings the total number of votes cast so far in the Georgia Senate runoffs to 482,250 as the state has already received 314,157 absentee ballots through the mail.”

Democrats also tend to vote absentee more than Republicans do, and that was proven during the November general election, when mail voting numbers for Democrats were at record levels, with many voters choosing not to vote in person with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The other bad news for the GOP came on the number of absentee ballots that have been requested for the Senate runoffs:

“More than 1 million absentee ballots have been requested for the runoffs next month when incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will face off against Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.”

If Ossoff and Warnock win the runoff election, the U.S. Senate would be evenly split, 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. But any tie-breaking vote would be cast by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, meaning Democrats would have control of the Senate, House, and White House, which would be extremely beneficial in passing legislation and getting presidential nominees confirmed.

Democrats have been on a winning streak in Georgia recently, turning the state blue for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since 1992, and now holding the keys to which party will control the Senate, as former President Barack Obama noted when he held a virtual rally earlier this month, remarking:

“You are now once again the center of our civic universe because the special election in Georgia is going to determine, ultimately, the course of the Biden presidency and whether Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can deliver legislatively all of the commitments they’ve made.”

Time to take all power from Republicans for their enabling of Donald Trump. That’s what’s at stake in Georgia.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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