GOP Delegate Says Of Trump: ‘There Is Only So Much Dog Sh*t To Choke Down’

Dissent is growing in the ranks of Republican delegates who will be gathering in Cleveland next month to decide who will the nominee of their party for the November general election. And the latest salvo of unhappiness comes from the former chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, A.J. Spiker, who told CNBC “there is only so much dog shit to choke down” when it comes to accepting such a deeply flawed candidate. Spiker added:

“He is unfit for the Oval Office, and you are continuing to see that over and over again. There has to be a bottom to this pit.”

Spiker also took to social media and practically begged a GOP “patriot” to enter the race and save the party from Trump:

But if that did indeed happen, would Trump’s fanatical supporters burn the venue hosting the GOP convention to the ground? As we’ve seen far too often over the past year or so, Trumpites think nothing of using physical violence at rallies.

Spiker notes that the convention rules have not yet been written, so the currently bound delegates could be unbound and allowed to vote for whoever they want:

“There is a large group of delegates — more than a majority — that would want someone (other than Trump) as the GOP presidential candidate.”

Donald Trump is a highly toxic commodity akin to nuclear waste in barrels that no one wants stored in their state, let alone in their back yard. Yet in a month he will become the leader of one of the two major political parties in this country. How out of control is the Republican Party? You need look no further than their presumptive nominee for the answer.

A.J. Spiker and others like him are right about something: Trump is unfit for the Oval Office. And he will lose to Hillary Clinton by a gigantic margin come November.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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