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Georgia Governor Complains About ‘Colored People’ In Rambling Speech (VIDEO)

Considering what he said yesterday as part of a speech he gave, it’s probably a very good thing that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal cannot run for re-election.

Speaking to state educators as he urged them to support a Constitutional amendment which would allow the state to take control of failing schools, Deal remarked:

“The irony of some of the groups who are opposing doing something to help these minority children is beyond my logic. If you want to advance the state of colored people, start with their children.”

Asked later about what he had said, Deal told a reporter:

“I did not mean to insult anyone, but I was upset.”

Deal has a history of making racially insensitive remarks:

  • He has used the term “ghetto grandmothers.”
  • He once told a group, “My wife tells me she could look at her 6th grade class and tell you which ones were going to prison and which ones were going to college.”
  • The Georgia Governor has been part of the birther movement over the years, much like Donald Trump, whom Deal supports for President. Asked once about President Obama’s birth certificate, Deal responded, “I have no idea where he was born.”

It should also be noted that Deal has been under investigation for financial wrongdoing for decades. Most recently, Deal was alleged to be part of a scheme which mandated that those seeking state inspections for their cars use facilities in which Deal held a monetary stake.

Since I live in Georgia, I’m more than a bit familiar with Deal’s ignorance, intolerance, and moral bankruptcy. Were he able to run again in 2018, he would be toast. This man is an embarrassment to the Peach State and the entire country. In other words, he’s a typical Republican.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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