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George Conway Drops A Tantalizing Hint About Trump’s ‘Mental Health’

Admit it: At least once (and very possibly more than once) you’ve wondered exactly what in the hell is wrong with President Donald Trump.

No, not his abhorrent policies and how he seems to delight in attacking anyone he senses is weaker than him. It’s much deeper than that, and it can be seen in the way he often mispronounces words, clings to a podium as he’s about to topple to the floor, and looked like he was 100 years old when he tried to navigate that mildly sloping ramp after he completed his speech at West Point earlier this year.

Now, however, we have another example of Trump’s deteriorating mental health, and it comes in the form of a Twitter posting he retweeted which suggested that the president abandon cities controlled by Democrats and “let them rot,” which led Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post to note:

That led George Conway — the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway — to remark:

If anyone has inside information regarding what might be physically and mentally wrong with Trump, it’s Kellyanne Conway, and it’s a safe bet she discusses such matters with her husband.

Conway’s tweet led others to join the chorus and say they also think the president is slipping and slipping fast:

The most important unanswered question that remains for Trump and the nation is this one: Will his illness completely debilitate him before he manages to destroy the United States?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “George Conway Drops A Tantalizing Hint About Trump’s ‘Mental Health’”

His mental health is definitely an issue for the public. But that is what the people wanted a lusting old man with no idea of how to run a country. We all knew what he is those of us who prefer real leaders. However should he loose his mind at least there will be the ”OTHERS” to do the time. Similar to how Michael Cohen had to take the wrap on his own. This at least will not happen here. Princess and jnr and jughead will all be in line behind graham pence Mitch and all the rest so at least they can all pay for themselves while having their holiday on the queen..

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