Fox News Lies WTF?!

Fox News Tweets, Then Deletes Pervy Photo Of Female Host’s Chest

Just last week, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was politely asked to resign after multiple allegations of sexual abuse by Ailes over his twenty-year career at the far right news network came to light. Try not to feel too sorry for Ailes, as he walked away with a $40 million payout and never admitted his guilt.

And yet, despite a New York Times report in which women who’ve worked for Fox News said they were instructed to perform sexual favors and suffered constant harassment on the job, this tweet was posted, and then deleted, from the Fox morning show “Fox and Friends”:


Yeah, that’s really funny, Bill Hemmer. Someone is trying to do her job, so you sneak up behind her and grab her chair. Please also note that they made sure and prominently displayed Nauert’s bust in the photo. Also, if there was nothing objectionable or sexist about the tweet, why exactly was it deleted?

So this is the kind of culture that is not only condoned, but apparently encouraged at Fox News? A workplace where women are merely sex objects who can be objectified and exploited as the men who control things see fit? If so, then Fox News needs to take a long look at itself and realize that they are decades behind the times. This kind of crap would not be allowed at most major corporations, and it should not be allowed anywhere.

While both Fox and the GOP have been trying to return this country to the 1950s, when white men ruled everything, they’d better join the 21st century and realize that a woman may soon be President of the United States. The world is moving forward, and Fox News is gonna be left in the dust.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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